Dangers of xanax use

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    Dangers of xanax use

    What are the long-term effects of Xanax use on the brain if taken exactly as directed? It seems that my mind feels like it is stuck in the mud, hazy and there is a feeling of a disconnect with the world sometimes. Ultimately, how long does it take for your brain and mind to return to "normal" function? Xanax dependence among teenagers is a growing concern in the United States and abroad. Abuse of this anti-anxiety drug threatens teen mental and physical health. Moreover, these dangers exist not only when Xanax is misused, but also when it is taken according to a prescription. Since 2000, the overdose death rate in the United States from Xanax and similar drugs has increased by 500 percent. Currently, Xanax is the tranquilizer drug most commonly used by 12th graders, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). Additionally, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed that young adults were the most likely to have used Xanax or the related drug lorazepam for non-medical purposes. In fact, more than 10 percent of adolescents ages 18 to 25 abuse Xanax. This is nearly double the rate of people ages 26 and over. Furthermore, Xanax abuse is on the rise in other countries.

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    I'm lucky to be alive after a year of popping Xanax and mixing it with alcohol. “Yeah, I was. But Xanax is addictive and it's dangerous, especially when mixed with alcohol. If you're. Use Our New Directory To Find Treatment Today. Search. Jan 31, 2014. Xanax may be trendy, but it can affect your health. at the substance use and addiction nonprofit CASAColumbia, adding, "That fuels misuse of. "Withdrawal from benzos can be more dangerous than withdrawal from heroin. If Xanax use persists for months, there is the danger of alprazolam even damaging brain cells. Psychology Today warns that in extreme cases, this can lead to.

    The search for relief from anxiety drives millions of Americans to take alprazolam, or Xanax, every year. According to Psychiatric Times, over 50 million prescriptions were written for Xanax in 2009, making it the most commonly prescribed psychiatric drug in the country. This popular medication, which belongs to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, acts within minutes to ease the symptoms of severe distress and prevent panic attacks. But the fast-acting sedative properties of Xanax also make this drug highly attractive to recreational drug users — many of whom find themselves addicted. As one of the most popular medications in the United States, Xanax is readily available to legitimate users and recreational users alike. On the streets, Xanax is distributed under a number of slang names: “xanies,” “zany bars,” “footballs,” “X’s,” “Christmas trees,” “planks,” “bars,” “blues,” “pink ladies,” and “blue devils.” This drug has become so accessible that even high school students find it easy to obtain. According to the 2013 Monitoring the Future survey, a majority of 12 graders said that Xanax was their favorite choice among tranquilizers. As adults, it’s easy to forget the emotional and psychological turmoil that teenagers experience. The teen years are filled with insecurity, anxiety and a sense of pressure to conform to the social expectations of their peers. This is one reason why many teens experiment with drugs, to either “fit in” or dull the constant anxiety associated with these years. Experiments, however, very often lead down the darker road of addiction. Xanax is an anti-anxiety drug that often goes by the names “Xanax Bars,” “z-bars,” “bars,” “planks,” “zanies,” or “blue footballs” because of the shape of the pill. It has evolved into a dangerous party drug for some high school and college aged kids and is often misused which can lead to Xanax addiction. For years, this medication has been over prescribed, making it easily accessible in medicine cabinets across the country.

    Dangers of xanax use

    What Does Xanax Do to Those Who Don't Need It?- Axis Residential., Popping Xanax is more harmful than you think Fox News

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  3. Thought to increase the risk of birth defects, particularly if taken in the first prolonged use, Xanax may also become habit-forming, most often when.

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    Aug 13, 2018. Some people use Xanax to self-medicate, taking pills that were not. The Dangers Of Xanax Bars Generic 2 mg. When you use Xanax in larger quantities, the effects become more dramatic. The dangers of Xanax withdrawal necessitate medical care during detox from. Feb 27, 2018. Moreover, these dangers exist not only when Xanax is misused, but also. Additionally, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed.

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